Learn to become an automation architect 
& start your own marketing automation agency in 90 days!

Some of the services you will be able to offer are

  • Automation Services
  • SEO Services
  • Funnel building services
  • ​Social Media scheduling services
  • ​Email marketing services
  • ​Text marketing services

This Is For You If: 

  • If you have been working as a freelancer and want to learn advanced skills that pay from $1000 - $6000 
  • If you already have an agency but are struggling to charge high prices
  • If you have the skills but need hands on real experience with real international clients then this is for you 
  • ​If you want to add high paying skills to your portfolio
  • ​If you need genuine projects from genuine international clients

Did I mention? 

  • You will work with real clients 
  • We will also get you on your feet, give you real international projects, to gain real experience and real reviews and feedback. 
  • This is a 90 day extensive training, within my own agency. 
  • ​Think of this as an internship with international clients 
  • We work for 90 days only. After that you are on your own 

You will gain: 

  • Reviews from international clients about your work 
  • Multiple international projects 
  • Gain hands on experience 
  • ​Your name will be added first as a student and then as in an alumni list of graduates, which will give you exposure for other international clients.

After This 90 Day Training: 

  • You can start your own agencies multiple offers
  • You will get all templates and trainings 
  • You will have your own agency (extra) 

Requirements To Join

  • Women are encouraged to apply 
  • University Students are encouraged to apply 
  • No degree is required, if I can do it anyone can 
  • ​No prior experience required
  • ​Current freelancers are encouraged to apply so they can offer high value high paid skills 
  • ​Must follow INSTRUCTIONS 
  • ​Must be able to work 2 hours a day
  • ​Must complete their tasks each day
  • ​Tasks will be assigned to you each day and you are responsible for completing them DURING TRAINING 
  • ​You must be disciplined
  • ​You must be a DO-ER
  • ​Must be an IMPLEMENTER
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